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Willow Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan: Community Survey

Willow Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan: Community Survey

Scottsboro is embarking on a community-driven redevelopment effort to revitalize the Willow Street Corridor. Part of this initiative is a concentrated public engagement effort to gauge the public and stakeholders on particular needs and issues affecting downtown development and envision the future of Scottsboro Downtown and Willow Street Corridor. As part of this plan, the city will be soliciting input from the public on various topics as they pertain to the downtown central business district. There will be a series of community design workshops (charrette) as well as this community survey to engage the public and get as much local information as possible to help inform and guide the plan. This survey will engage the community at large and ask questions pertaining to physical infrastructure, retail development, and design and aesthetics of the downtown Central Business District.
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