City of Scottsboro changes recycling program

January 8, 2019 - For immediate release:

City of Scottsboro announces changes to recycling program.

The City of Scottsboro’s curbside (residential pick-up) green bag recycling program is temporarily suspended, effective immediately. Cardboard recycling will not be affected. Citizens are encouraged to utilize the four existing recycling drop-off locations during the suspension. The current method of green bag collection/recycling is no longer a viable option for the City of Scottsboro due to larger collection companies not accepting green bags. Also, this transition is partly due to green recycling bags being contaminated with food and other non-recyclable items.

It is our intent to re-establish the recycling program within the next 30 days with blue cans resembling the current garbage cans. The City’s recycling program is voluntary, and citizens who wish to participate will be issued a blue can when they become available.

Recycling locations in Scottsboro:

1.    Abby Lane- past the City bus garage

2.    Trinity Lutheran Church on South Broad Street

3.    Lakeside Grocery - corner of Veterans Dr. & Clemons Rd.

4.    Lot behind Scottsboro Police Dept. on South Houston St.

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