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Street Department Divisions and Info

The Street Department has several knuckle-boom trucks to remove the brush and debris from the side of the roads. This is for house-hold debris and tree limbs. The department respectfully requests that residents do not mix household debris with brush because the department has trucks that pick up household debris and trucks that pick up brush. The Department requests that residents have items placed at curbside by 6 a.m. on your pick up day. See pick up schedule for weekly brush and debris pick-up. If you have a knuckle-boom truck load or more, it is $150 per load. This is per Ordinance No. 525. Otherwise your weekly routes are a free city service. The Street Department does not pick up paint cans, tires, petroleum products, batteries, medical waste, hazardous waste, and industrial or commercial waste. We also ask that you please DO NOT put any limbs, grass, or leaves in bags. Please feel free to contact the Street Department with any questions.

You can view the current pickup schedule here. 

*Please be aware these are only scheduled times and are subject to change depending on unforseen circumstances. 

Responsibilities of the Heavy Equipment Division of the Scottsboro Street Department include street construction, resurfacing and repair of streets, drainage, tile replacement, care and maintenance of all city property, curb and gutter and sidewalk repair and replacement. This division has the expertise and knowledge to maintain and utilize the large fleet of heavy equipment that includes dozers, track-hoes, excavators, compactors, motor graders and brooms. This equipment is used daily in construction, care and maintenance of city streets, rights of way, and city properties. This division is in charge of tile sizing. If you need to put in a tile at your property, please contact the Street Department so we can come out to your property and let you know what size is allowed and give you a permit.

This division is responsible for the vegetation control for over 200+ miles of city streets and rights of way. This is controlled basically by administering an application of specified chemicals along the street rights of way three times annually for weed control. The mosquito control/pesticide program is also the responsibility of this division. The division administers necessary chemicals annually in effort to control excessive mosquito growth in the hatching stage and also a chemical fogging or spray operation. There are new state laws about spraying for mosquitos. You will need to call the Street Department for mosquito control, because we will not treat any area unless there is a need. This division is also responsible for mowing all city street rights of way and city properties. The division also mows, trims and trees and removes litter on the Alabama Department of Transportation rights of way (Hwy. 72 from Scottsboro/Hollywood city limits to the city limits at North Sauty Creek), all city parks and recreational areas. In the fall and winter, this division is also responsible for picking up leaves in the city. A leaf vacuum machine is used along the side of the road to keep leaves out of drainage areas.

The City’s maintenance is done by a single employee. This employee services all maintenance problems for all city departments. When departments encounter maintenance problems, the department e-mails a Work Request. A Work Order containing information such as department, location, contact person, work requested, work performed and material used is then issued. The work consists of maintenance and upkeep of all city buildings and ball fields.

This division of the Street Department is in charge of all City Street Signs. This division consists of 2 employees. These employees make our signs and place them where needed. From time to time they go throughout the city straightening and cleaning signs if needed. If you see a sign missing please give us a call and let us know. This division also trims trees from right of ways or signs to make them more visible. If you have questions about a sign that is on a State Road you would need to call the Alabama Department of Transportation.

This division of the Street Department consists of 1 employee that is in charge of inmates that we get from the city jail. Daily this crew cleans and maintains the Jackson County Square. This crew biggest job is to pick up litter along all city right of ways and Hwy. 72. This division maintains the shrubbery at the Hwy 35 and 72 interchange. This crew also helps on weed eating during summer months with our Mowing Crew. If you see an area that may need some attention on litter pick up please call us.

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