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The City of Scottsboro believes it’s important to take care of our Earth the best way we can. That’s why recycling service is offered to all our customers, we want to make it as easy as possible for our citizens to recycle.

Why Recycle?

  • Recycling saves the environment.
  • Recycling saves resources.
  • Recycling saves energy.
  • Recycling reduces litter.
  • Recycling saves landfill space.
  • Recycling takes little time.

Residential Customers

Residential recycling is offered curbside throughout the city on a weekly basis. The City of Scottsboro Solid Waste and Recycling facility is located at 27150 John T. Reid Parkway in Scottsboro. Residents can drop these products off here Mon-Fri till 1:30 pm.  This location also has blue, green and yellow recycling bags available during normal business hours Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. for anyone who wants to recycle. These bags are also available at the following locations: 

  • City Hall
  • Scottsboro Solid Waste Department
  • Scottsboro Police Department
  • Scottsboro Fire Station 1
  • Scottsboro Rec*Com

You can view our convenient recycling chart for a list of what recycling we accept. 

You can also download this chart here. 

On holidays, residential garbage and recycling collection will not be done. A holiday schedule is provided on this site or you may call the office at (256) 259-5548.

Following is a list of materials currently being collected curbside by the City of Scottsboro:

  • Cardboard – both corrugated and chipboard (boxes for cereal, laundry detergents, foods, can drinks, etc.)
  • Plastic – Bottles and jugs with a #1 through #5 in the triangle on the bottom.

Things we cannot accept:

  • No Glass
  • No Styrofoam
  • No Plastic Bags
  • No Food Waste
  • No Food Tainted Items (used paper plates, paper towels, or napkins)
  • No Pizza Boxes
  • No Egg Cartons
  • No Ice Cream Cartons
  • No Paper/Waxy Milk Cartons
  • No Aluminum Foil
  • No Plastic Cups & Silverware
  • No Aerosol Cans
  • No Garbage
  • No Juice Boxes/Bags

Business Customers

Businesses seek to improve the quality of life for employees, customers and the community as a whole. A good business waste management program involves reducing waste, reusing products and recycling waste materials

The benefits of such a program:

  • Extend the life of our landfill.
  • Reduce your disposal costs.
  • Provide recyclable materials to make new products, saving raw materials.
  • Move Alabamians away from the “throw-away” society.
  • Conserve/preserve the environment for future generations.

What’s recyclable at my business?
The bulk of recyclables generated by businesses and accepted at our recycle plant include:

  • Computer paper: Auto feed and manual office computer paper
  • Sorted office paper: Manila folders, ledger paper, white paper, color copy paper, shredded paper, NCR forms, envelopes, non-glossy fliers (No carbon paper is accepted)
  • Newspaper: All contents
  • Cardboard: Boxes (broken down and flattened)
  • Other paper: magazines, catalogs, phone directories
  • Aluminum: all aluminum is recyclable.

More information regarding Business customers.
How often will recycle items be collected from my business?
That decision is based on the volume and types of recyclable materials generated by your business. After an evaluation of such, your business will be put on one of our recycle routes—and the best feature of this service—There’s no extra charge!
How should my business recyclables be prepared for collection?
Place them at the designated site by 6:00 AM and they should be collected by 2:30 PM. Businesses will either be provided with green bags, recycling cans, and/or cardboard cages depending on the types of recyclables each business has.
To schedule a recycle collection for your business, call the Recycling Department at 256-259-5548
The City of Scottsboro Recycle Center also accepts aluminum, plastic bottles & jugs, steel cans. For information about recycling those items; scheduling a recycle program or plant tour, please call the Recycling Department at 256-259-5548.

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