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Firefighter Training

Each member of the Scottsboro Fire Department receives a minimum of 360 hours of firefighting and hazardous materials training at an Alabama Fire College approved school within their first year of employment. Members are also trained in NIMS (National Incident Management System). NIMS was revamped and widely supported by the Department of Homeland Security after the events of September 11, 2001. New members are required to maintain an EMT-Basic license with the Alabama Department of Public Health. The department currently has twenty-seven EMT Basics, one Advanced EMT, and four EMT Paramedics. Once the initial training is complete, members receive a minimum of 20 hours training per month to maintain their skills and knowledge in firefighting, rescue and safety, in addition to various drills and monthly safety meetings. Additional EMT training is ongoing, as EMT’s must recertify with ADPH every 2 years. Along with this, members are certified in an assortment of fire service and technical rescue courses. Some of the certifications members have include Fire Service Instructor, Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials training, Fire Officer training, and Trench Rescue, High-Angle and Confined Space Rescue Technician. Before members can operate fire trucks during emergencies, they must pass a 40 hour Apparatus Operator course. Scottsboro Firefighters hold over 340 State certifications in 32 different fields of specialty, along with a host of other courses and training. Training and Safety Officer Greg Lockard manages the training program with assistance from the Battalion Chiefs and Shift Lieutenants.

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