Finance Department Contacts

Rick Wheeler
Phone: 256.912.0500

Augusta Mccarver
Staff Accountant
Phone: 256.912.0507

Shane McLemore
Revenue Officer
Phone: 256.912.0508

Peggy Sieb
Accounts Payable
Phone: 256.912.0509

Connie Garner
Payroll Coordinator
Phone: 256.912.0506

Bid Invitations

List of current Bid Invitations - Click on the link to open the file.

Uniform Rental Bid

Veterans Field Irrigation System Bid Invitation

Veterans Field Irrigation System Bid Form

Veterans Field Irrigation System Drawings

When submitting a bid for the Veterans Field Project the following is required:

1.  Completed pages 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 of the Request for Proposal package

2.  Submittals per section 1.3.A on page 20 of the Request for Proposal package

3.  Bid bond and certified check (per page 3).

Questions regarding Veterans Field Project

QUESTION:  Sect 2.3 of the specification appears to have a conflict between 2.3.A and 2.3.C.   Is the requirement for the newer 2 wire system or the older system with larger wires.

ANSWER:  Provide newer 2 wire system per 2.3.A

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