Cemetery Contact

Benny Bell
Cemetery Manager
Phone: 256.574.5616
Email: benny_bell_60@hotmail.com

Plot Purchases

Cemetery Grave Lots are available for purchase at a cost of $400.00/each or 4 Grave Lots for $1,400.00.  Persons interested in purchasing cemetery lots should stop by the Parks Ave. Cemetery Office and speak with Benny Bell (Department Head) in order to choose from available Lots at Cedar Hill Cemetery.  The City’s Cemetery Personnel will complete a form with the Buyer’s Name, Address, Phone #, Division #, Lot #, and Grave(s) #. If the Cemetery Grave Lot(s) are purchased Monday through Friday during normal working hours, the Buyer will bring the completed form and payment to the City Hall to submit the payment and receive a receipt and the Deed to the Cemetery Lot. If the Cemetery Grave Lot(s) are purchased on the weekend or during non-business hours the City’s Cemetery Personnel will collect the proper fee for the Lots purchased.  This form and fee collected is turned in to the City’s Finance Department who records receipt of the Lot fee and provides the Cemetery Deed and Receipt to the Buyer. The Buyer is advised to record the Deed with the Probate Judge’s Office located at the Jackson County Courthouse on the Square in downtown Scottsboro.  A separate fee is charged for Grave Opening/Closing Services at the time of burial.  An Infant Burial or Cremation Opening/Closing is $250.00.  Adult Burial Opening/Closing is $400.00.

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