Gene Necklaus
Fire Chief

202 West Appletree Street

Telephone: 256.912.0580
Fax: 256.574.0275

Information: Gene NecklausChief Gene Necklaus began his firefighting career as a Volunteer Firefighter with the City of Scottsboro. In 1998, he joined the Fire Department as a full-time firefighter. Throughout his fire service career, he has served as a Firefighter, Driver/Engineer, Lieutenant, and Training Officer. Chief Necklaus was appointed Fire Chief on February 1, 2014.

Chief Necklaus was born and raised in Scottsboro, graduated from Scottsboro High School and attended Northeast Alabama Community College before joining the Fire Department. He has various Alabama Fire College, National Fire Academy, and FEMA certifications and an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science.

Chief Necklaus is married to Amanda (Brown) and together they have 4 children.
He has worked for 3 previous Fire Chiefs, Chief Lonnie Webb, Chief Melton Potter, and Chief Chris White. Like each of his predecessors, Chief Necklaus is committed to the fire service and the citizens of Scottsboro, and is dedicated to continually improving emergency services to the community.

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