Completed City Projects

Scottsboro City Porter road project
Porter Road Project
Budget of 4.4 Million.
80% of Budget from ALDOT, 20% from the City.
Complete resconstruction and resurfacing of Porter Road.
Safety upgrade to bridge.
Drainage improvements also done.
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Scottsboro City Porter batting cages project.
Batting Cages Project
Cost of Project was $120,000.
Large portion of funding came from Donations.
Features 7 Batting Cages and 2 Pitching Cages.
Structure is 90' x 100'.
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Scottsboro City dog park project.
Dog Park Project
Cost of project was $25,000.
Has 2 areas, 1 for smaller dogs, another for larger dogs.
Each area has benches, a pavilion, and a dog bath.
You can view more info about the Dog Park here.
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Scottsboro City Ridgedale road project.
Ridgedale Road Project
Budget of 1.4 million.
80% of Budget from ALDOT, 20% from the City.
Complete resurfacing and pavement buildup.
Bridge culvert replacements.
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Scottsboro City frontage road project.
Frontage Road Project
Budget of 1.6 Million.
Helping bring more businesses to Scottsboro.
Connected Hwy 35 and US 72.
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Scottsboro City Veterans field complex project.
Veterans Complex Project
Project is in completed.
Budget of 2.4 Million.
Consisted of complete rebuild of the Veterans Complex.
For more photos and in depth updates on renovation visit the Veterans Complex page.

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